🧑‍🚀 07.01.2024 - weft - a software system for small spacecraft

🧑‍🚀 07.01.2024 - weft - a software system for small spacecraft

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The last month while messy was quite fruitful in {friend, vibe}-driven development. I have started working on a software system with Marieke.

Primarily just to try out her tid (system information bar) and adopting it to run on Mac, then modifying her application to be gemininini (a gemini browser) to actually working together on stammer (an interface library) that sprung from extracting parts of tid.

This whole journey came under an umbrella of a system that we called weft, from a weaving allegory.

We are doing this for fun, but also to have a very custom, minimalist software for everyday use and a system to build this software upon. In this sense it is somewhat similar to uxn, another ecosystem tailored to specific needs but less close to things like collapse OS.

Weft is also a story based ecosystem, one that imagines a life on a spaceship, with a small crew of queer people (cyborgs why not), deep within cyberspace at the same time. So it transcends the software we wrote, spills into the cyberspace, via images (like the in the header) and via one-day-projects like a room of ones own in space.


weft logo:


tid (from Marieke's sourcehut page):


a room of ones own in space:

a room of ones own in space

gemininini (wip):