🏳️‍⚧️ 28.09.2022 - Poland still breaks my heart after leaving it behind

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So a few days ago I have learned by accident that to change my gender in my Polish ID I would have to have a divorce with my wife. It is because Poland does not recognise marriages between people of the same gender and is vehemently opposed to the idea.

I knew about the next step that would be suing my parents in court to say that they assigned a wrong gender at birth, but how would they know how I feel before I could have spoken a word.

Both of those steps are horrible and should not be required. It is pushing us, trans people, into conflicts with family. Why do I need to explain to my parents that they would have to go to court in a case that I would bring against them, with absurd claim that they could have known before me. And even worse, I would need to legally end marriage with my wife, sign the documents that our relationship has ended and that we don’t love each other any more, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

I feel like doing this would be admitting that I agree with this process, that it is ok for us to be treated this way, but it is not, it is immoral.

I will not do it. I will wait a bit longer to get German citizenship. In that time I think the new law should be already in place in Germany. It is making it simpler to update the documents, in contrast to Poland - no need to sue parents, no need to have a divorce. Afterwards I will drop Polish citizenship, no more asking for being treated like a human.

Germany unveils plans for simpler legal gender change process (dw.com)

“I hate you Poland” by Czesław Śpiewa, from The Book of Polish Emigrants

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