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The Web is using way too many resources, it's better to make websites slimmer. You can find more on my opinion in this post:

💛 25.08.2022 - Documents were not supposed to be Turing complete

Tech side

Following my take that most websites should be simple documents. I write this website as a set of Markdown documents that I convert with a script to HTML and Gemini format. For some spice, I add CSS and meta tags to it. Later on, I host the files with simple HTTP and Gemini servers.

This decision puts very specific restraints on what I can add and what not. But this is great for me, I can just sit down and write a post and publish it, I don't think too much about SEO, layout, videos, or ads. I use almost only text and images.

Currently this page is using Zola static site generator



I started making websites in the early 2000s. What I liked about the old Web were the communities that sprung up in different spaces, some were bound with real-world locality eg for Polish fans of some bands, and some were more international. I have met my first girlfriend this way, and a few friends as well. Back then I created a fan website with Microsoft Frontpage about a German rapper Sido and a Russian rapper Seryoga. It didn't make a lot of sense but who was there to stop me. I miss that mess.

Small Web

This nostalgia for the old messy Web brought me to the small Web. A community that lives on in these small spaces, outside of mainstream Internet. It's mostly still on the Web (although there is also Gemini which is running parallel to the Web), so it's easy to access. Come visit if you want.