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TLDR what is jswm

Jswm is an application that can run on a web engine eg a web browser, that creates a virtual window management system. It has support for jswm-"native" apps like 2D image viewing (soon 3D too) but with time I have decided I want to introduce emulators to this app. So far I have added apps that are running with uxn webassembly version, and started some work on bringing gameboy emulator, my big goal is to bring X11 or Wayland emulation and run native Linux apps.

Story behind it

In my day-to-day job, I am working as a web developer. In most companies in Berlin, that means working on a Mac. This is not too bad, a lot of the terminal tools are available for macOS as well which is great. What is less great is that it's not so easy to replace window manager on the newer versions of macOS, but I don't want to say goodbye to keyboard-driven tiling window managers like i3 and bspwm. There are two main options that I have tried:

> how to set up bspwm with XQuartz

> Amethyst

> Yabai

My solution

I have another idea. It's a bit cursed but it's quite pleasant to work with so far. I spent most of my time working with Firefox, terminal, and nvim/vscode, sometimes I need to also take a look at images. And i like keyboard-driven flows, tiling window management, etc. What if I would be able to have a terminal, file management, image viewing, etc inside Firefox, just as another tab? This is what I called JSWM, a Javascript-based window manager that is a web app with simple implementations of window management, key bindings, and apps like a terminal (with ttyd) and image viewing. Most of the other things like editing and file browsing I can do via the terminal.

> ttyd - Share your terminal over the web



> https://github.com/mayakarabula/jswm


Opening an image from the terminal

jswmc el lissitzky image

Runing uxn piano application

running uxn piano