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TLDR I am Maya. I am a trans woman, software engineer, emigree, wife, hopefully soon to be a German citizen, proud union member, and vegan.

In my life I feel in a constant flow of change, I knew I will move from my home country, I knew I need to stop eating meat, and I know that "work is a work is a work" so I don't get upset when it's time to move on from a job, I knew I will change apartments often, never feeling too attached to one place. This changed a bit when I realized that I am trans. On one hand, it put me in a spiral of new changes but on the other hand, it allowed me for the first time to start caring about myself and my personal space. In the words of Timothy Morton, I view myself as weird, in a spiral.

I do care about others, and by that, I mean other humans, other animals, and other alive and not alive beings. I believe it's better to not disturb or do harm to anything, just leave it be, if it's a person or a forest. I don't believe anything is more important than the other. So I am very much against hierarchies. I am also quite radically pro-ecology, I believe in buying 2nd-hand and I believe in animal liberation by any means necessary, shout out to Animal Liberation Front 💚 I believe in therapy and healing. I love to have friends and I love to have a life outside of work. I don't believe capitalism can be saved or that it should be saved.

To follow my beliefs I live as a vegan, and I try to limit my purchases and general impact on the environment. I work as a software engineer, and when I can I try to influence the decisions to decrease the carbon footprint of projects I work on. When I can I also support unions' efforts. Apart from that I believe that the Web consumes way too much energy, that's why I try to make this website slim (more in the link below). I also work on my software tools to make it consume less energy, but also for fun, and to learn (checkout my projects on the homepage).

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